About Us

About us

Reinvestar : Start Investing in Real Estate


Reinvestar was created due to the needs of investors looking for guidance and profitable opportunities where were informed, guided and shown positive results with their investments.

We started as a small firm doing fix and flips, due to our in the industry we became a leading in the area managing and developing more than 20 projects at time.

Became one of the strongest in the area with positive returns to investors, partners and successful stories for end buyers.

Our main objective is to recreate a property adding value with modern and practical materials and looks. This combination gave us the name and recognition in the area and increased our number of inverters and followers.

Today after 10 years of expertise we are experts, not only in fix and flip, we are also doing new construction and working hard in putting together a  developing project of 40+ houses.

Investment boutique firm



Reinvestar was born in the state of New Jersey in 2014, catering to small to mid size investors offering tutoring and guidance during the process of acquisitions, achievements, financing, and developing/construction of real estate projects.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the main source of confidence in the real estate market. We seek to establish long lasting relationships with our clients, based on transparency, honesty, and experience


Our Mission

Our Mission is to Help our clients achieve success with their real estate investment goals through our commitment to excellence and integrity, We love to guide people make successful decisions when it comes to real estate investments.Our main goal is to build relationships

Meet The Team

Oscar Ladino

Executive Development

Alina Perez

Business Development

Mohamed Eldosougi

Business Development

Janine Chessa

Sales Agent

Carlos Diaz

Business Development

Adam Kessler ESQ.

Legal Department

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